Requirements for Photos for Georgia eVisa in 2024

Understanding the photo specifications for a Georgia eVisa application is crucial for a seamless process. Adhering to these guidelines ensures timely processing and prevents any complications during travel plans. This guide offers detailed insights into the 2024 photo requirements, facilitating a smooth application process for your trip to Georgia.

Photo Requirements for Georgia eVisa Application

Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about your Georgia eVisa application photo:

  • File Format: Make sure your photo is a JPEG file.
  • Dimensions:
    • Minimum size: 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels high
    • Maximum size: 1200 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high
  • File Size: Keep your photo under 1 MB.

Lighting and Background

For optimal results, ensure your photo is taken against a plain, light-coloured background, preferably white, with no shadows or reflections present. Lighting should be uniform to avoid harsh glares, ensuring your face is well-lit and clearly visible. This setup guarantees a high-quality photo that meets the requirements for your Georgia eVisa application for Health and Medical Care.

Pose and Expression

When posing for your photo, maintain a straight posture with your head and shoulders aligned, looking directly at the camera. Ensure a neutral expression with your mouth closed and your eyes fully open and visible. Avoid wearing sunglasses or any items that obstruct your eyes. Following these guidelines will help capture a suitable image for your Georgia eVisa application for Health and Medical Care.

Clothing and Accessories

For your photo, opt for your usual attire, avoiding offensive or misleading clothing or accessories. Hats or headgear are permissible only for religious or medical purposes, provided they do not obscure your hairline. Adhering to these guidelines ensures compliance with the requirements for your Georgia eVisa application for Health and Medical Care.

Editing Restrictions

  • Don't edit your photo to change your appearance in any way.
  • No adding marks, signatures, or any borders or frames to your photo.

Photograph Requirements for Georgia eVisa

Your Georgia eVisa application photo must be no more than 6 months old, with dimensions between 35mm and 40mm wide. The photo should be a close-up of your head and shoulders, with your face taking up 70-80% of the frame. The photo should be sharp, clear, and free from any blurring, ink marks, creases, or damage. You should face the camera directly, showing your natural skin tone, proper brightness, contrast, and neutral colours. Keep your eyes open and completely visible, with no hair covering them, and look straight ahead with both sides of your face visible. Use a plain, light-coloured background with no shadows or reflections and even lighting to avoid glare and red-eye. Avoid sunglasses or glasses with thick frames, and head coverings are usually not allowed except for religious purposes. The photo should only include you, with a neutral expression and your mouth closed.

Guide to Georgia Passport and Visa Photo Size Requirements

Here's a concise guide to meeting Georgia's passport and visa photo size requirements, ensuring your photo adheres to specific dimensions, recentness, background, clarity, and facial positioning for successful application processing.

  • Passport Photo Size: Your passport photo should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm in size. This standard dimension ensures the photo fits properly in the designated space on your passport.
  • Photo Recency: The photo must be taken within the last six months. This requirement ensures the photo is a current and accurate representation of your appearance.
  • Background: The background of the photo should be plain and light-coloured, preferably white. This helps the focus remains on your facial features without any distracting elements in the background.
  • Clarity and Focus: The photo must be sharp in focus and clear, without any marks, creases, or other imperfections. This guarantees a high-quality image that can be properly scanned and processed.
  • Framing and Composition: The photo should capture your full face and shoulders, with your face occupying 70-80% of the frame. This centred composition ensures your features are prominently displayed.
  • Eye Visibility: Your eyes should be clear and visible, with no red-eye or reflections that could obscure them. This helps provide a clear and unobstructed view of your face.
  • Facial Features: The photo should clearly show your facial features from your chin to your forehead, allowing for proper identification.
  • Exclusivity: The photo should feature only you, without any other objects or people in the frame. This keeps the focus solely on you and avoids any potential distractions.

Tips for Taking Passport or Visa Photos of Babies, Infants, and Newborns

Follow these specific rules and requirements:

- Ensure the child is awake and their eyes are visible in the photo.

- Remove any pacifiers, hats, or toys before capturing the image.

- If using a car seat, place a white sheet on the backrest for the background.

- When photographing from above while the child is on their back, use a white layer underneath.

- Only the baby should be visible in the photo. If holding the baby, wear a white shirt and ensure hands are not visible.

- Utilise photo assistance tools to capture compliant photos at home, adhering to necessary requirements.

- Note that a child's head may appear smaller in the photo, emphasising the importance of following guidelines for clarity and accuracy.


The photo specifications for the Georgia eVisa in 2024 typically include dimensions of 35mm x 45mm, a white background, clear facial features without any shadows, and high resolution. Ensure the photo meets these requirements to avoid any delays in your visa application.

Removing glasses and headwear, such as hats and scarves, is generally recommended for the photo submitted with the Georgia eVisa application. However, exceptions may apply for religious or medical reasons, provided the facial features are fully visible and not obstructed.

While there are no strict clothing requirements, wearing attire that contrasts with the white background is advisable to ensure clear visibility of the applicant's features. Avoid clothing with intricate patterns or designs that may distract from the facial features.

Yes, digital photos are typically accepted for the Georgia eVisa application. Ensure the digital photo meets the specified dimensions, resolution, and other requirements outlined by the visa application guidelines to avoid issues during processing.

If your photo does not meet the specified requirements for the Georgia eVisa, you may need to retake the photo following the guidelines provided. Failing to adhere to the photo specifications may delay or reject your visa application.

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