Applying for a Georgia e-Visa

e-Visa can be used for tourism, transit, and business purposes

Georgia's eVisa system, launched in 2015, has simplified travel procedures for tourists, business travellers, and medical visitors, contributing to the country's growing popularity as a sought-after destination. With an easy online application and swift processing, the eVisa offers up to 90 days' stay, enhancing Georgia's appeal as a premier global hotspot.

Definition and Eligibility for the Georgia eVisa

The government has established an Georgia electronic e-Visa system, launched on February 10th, 2015, to simplify the visa application process for foreign travellers. This system allows individuals to obtain a visa to visit Georgia as tourists or for business purposes without visiting the country's consular offices abroad.

The e-Visa system is accessible to citizens of over 100 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe. Applicants can complete the entire application process online, including uploading any necessary documents and paying the visa fee. This streamlined process typically takes only a few days for approval.

The Georgia e-Visa allows foreign visitors to stay in the country for up to 90 days within a 180-day period, and it is valid for up to 180 days from the date of issue. The e-Visa is issued for tourism, business, or medical purposes, and the type of visa depends on the purpose of the visit.

Available eVisa Categories for Visiting Georgia

The government offers six different types of eVisas for foreign travellers, as discussed in the summary table below:




Maximum Stay



Explore culture, history, and natural beauty

180 days

90 days

Leisure and sightseeing


Conduct business activities

180 days

90 days

Attend meetings and conferences, explore investment opportunities, conduct market research

Visiting Friends & Relatives

Visit family or friends residing in Georgia

180 days

90 days

Spend time with loved ones, explore cultural and historical heritage

Study & Training (less than 90 days)

Attend short-term courses or training programs

180 days

90 days

Enhance academic and professional skills, experience Georgian culture

Health & Medical Care

Seek medical treatment or undergo medical procedures

180 days

90 days

Receive quality medical care in modern facilities, enjoy Georgian attractions


Visit religious sites for spiritual purposes

180 days

90 days

Explore Georgia's spiritual heritage, experience culture, history, and natural beauty

Comprehensive Guide: How to Apply for a Georgia eVisa

Unlock the pathway to obtaining a Georgia eVisa effortlessly with this comprehensive guide, offering step-by-step instructions and invaluable insights for seamless application submission.

  • Access the Official Website: Initiate the eVisa application process by accessing the designated e-Visa portal hosted by the Public Service Development Agency of the Government. 
  • Complete the Application Form: Provide precise and comprehensive details in the online application form, ensuring accuracy in personal information, including name, address, passport particulars, and travel arrangements.
  • Upload Necessary Documents: Upload essential supporting documents as stipulated for your eVisa application, which may encompass a scanned copy of your passport, a passport-sized photo, and any other relevant documentation based on your visit's purpose.
  • Settle the eVisa Fee: Make the requisite payment for the eVisa fee using either a credit card or a PayPal account. The fee amount varies according to the nature and duration of your intended stay in Georgia.
  • Submit Your Application: Review the provided information and documents meticulously before submitting. Once verified, proceed to submit your eVisa application. Upon submission, an email confirmation of the application receipt will be dispatched.
  • Await Approval: Allow for the designated eVisa processing duration, typically spanning up to five business days. You can monitor your application status on the e-Visa portal by utilising your application ID and registered email address.
  • Receive and Retain Your eVisa: Upon approval, you will receive an email containing your eVisa as a PDF attachment. Ensure you print a copy of your eVisa and carry it with you while travelling to Georgia.

Essential Documentation for Georgia eVisa Application

You must furnish several crucial documents when initiating the Georgia eVisa application process. These essential documents encompass:

  1. Valid Passport Copy: Submission of a copy of your valid passport is imperative, with a stipulated minimum validity of six months from your intended arrival date in Georgia.
  2. Digital Passport-Sized Photograph: Provide a recent digital passport-sized photograph in JPEG format, taken against a white or light-coloured background and in colour.
  3. Comprehensive Travel Itinerary: Furnish a detailed travel itinerary delineating your plans within Georgia, including stay dates, visited cities, and the purpose of your visit.
  4. Accommodation Verification: Offer evidence of accommodation arrangements, such as confirmed hotel reservations, spanning the entirety of your stay in Georgia.
  5. Travel Health Insurance Proof: Present documentation validating travel health insurance coverage for the entire duration of your stay in Georgia.
  6. Visa Fee Payment: Complete the payment of the requisite visa fee utilising a credit card or PayPal account.

Georgia eVisa Fees and Payment

The price of a Georgia eVisa varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the duration of your intended stay in the country. These fees can fluctuate and are typically subject to change. To obtain the most accurate and current information regarding the fees associated with your eVisa application, it is advisable to consult the official Government's Public Service Development Agency e-Visa portal before proceeding with your application.

When it comes to payment for your Georgia eVisa, you can use either a` The payment process is seamlessly integrated into the online eVisa application procedure. You will be directed to the payment page once you have completed the application form and provided all the requisite documentation. You can securely enter your payment details and finalise the transaction at this stage.

Ensuring that you have adequate funds available in your credit card or PayPal account is crucial to successfully completing the payment for your eVisa. In the event that your payment is declined due to insufficient funds or any other reason, your eVisa application will not be processed. Upon successful payment processing, you will receive confirmation of your payment, and your eVisa application will proceed to be reviewed by the relevant authorities.

Georgia eVisa Validity and Maximum Stay Duration

The validity and duration of your Georgia eVisa depend on the type of visa you apply for:

  1. Tourist eVisa:

    - The tourist eVisa is valid for up to 180 days from the issue date.

    - You can stay in Georgia for a maximum of 90 days within this period.

    - The eVisa is a single or double-entry visa, which means you can enter Georgia once or twice during the validity period.

  2. Business eVisa:

    - The business eVisa is also valid for up to 180 days from the issue date.

    - You can stay in Georgia for a maximum of 90 days within this period.

    - The eVisa is a single or double-entry visa, which means you can enter Georgia once or twice during the validity period.

    It's important to note that the eVisa is not extendable. If you wish to stay in Georgia for more than 90 days, you must apply for a regular visa at the Georgian embassy or consulate in your home country or country of residence.

Limitations and Conditions of the Georgia eVisa

The Georgia eVisa comes with certain limitations and conditions that travellers should be aware of:

  • Purpose of Visit: The Georgia eVisa is issued for specific purposes, such as tourism, business, or medical treatment. If you travel to Georgia for any other reason, you must apply for a different type of visa.
  • Duration of Stay: The maximum duration of stay with a Georgia eVisa is 90 days. You must leave the country before the expiration of your visa.
  • Multiple Entries: The Georgia eVisa can be issued as a single-entry or double-entry visa. If you have a single-entry visa, you can only enter Georgia once. You can enter Georgia twice within the validity period if you have a double-entry visa.
  • Employment: It is not allowed to work in Georgia with an eVisa. If you plan to work in Georgia, you must apply for a work visa.
  • Immigration Violations: If you violate any immigration laws in Georgia, your eVisa may be revoked, and you may be deported from the country.
  • Security Clearance: Georgia reserves the right to conduct security checks on all visa applicants. If you are deemed a security risk, your eVisa application may be denied.
  • Passport Validity: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your intended entry into Georgia. If your passport is due to expire within six months, you may not be allowed to enter Georgia, even if you have a valid eVisa.

Extending or Renewing a Georgia eVisa

Regrettably, the Georgia eVisa cannot be extended or renewed. Upon its expiration, travellers must apply for a new eVisa if they intend to revisit Georgia. If you are currently in Georgia and the eVisa is nearing its expiration, departure before the expiry date is necessary to avoid immigration complications. Monitoring the official website for any alterations to eVisa regulations is advisable. In essence, travellers must apply for a new eVisa if they wish to return to Georgia after their current one expires. They should plan their travels accordingly to ensure a timely departure.

Avoiding Errors in the Georgia eVisa Application Process

When applying for a Georgia eVisa, it's vital to avoid several common errors that applicants often encounter:

  1. Ensuring Accuracy in Information: Providing accurate and complete details in the eVisa application is paramount. Any inaccuracies or omissions could lead to rejection or delay in processing.
  2. Uploading Necessary Documents: Submission of required documents, such as a passport copy and a recent photo, is mandatory for the Georgia eVisa application. Failing to upload these documents or providing low-quality images may result in processing delays or rejection.
  3. Applying in a Timely Manner: Applying for the Georgia eVisa well ahead of the planned travel date is essential. Last-minute applications may lead to processing delays, potentially jeopardising travel plans.
  4. Ensuring Correct Payment: Paying the correct fee for the Georgia eVisa using a valid payment method is crucial. Payment errors or incomplete transactions can lead to application rejection.
  5. Regularly Monitoring Application Status: Applicants should regularly check the status of their eVisa application to stay informed about any updates or issues during processing.


An eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that allows foreign nationals to enter a country for specific purposes, such as tourism or business. Unlike traditional visas, eVisas are applied for and processed online, offering a more convenient and streamlined application process.

To apply for a Georgia eVisa, visit the official eVisa website, complete the online application form, upload required documents such as a passport scan and photograph, pay the application fee, and submit the application. Processing typically takes around five business days.

Requirements may vary, but typically, applicants need a valid passport with a minimum validity of three months beyond the planned departure from Georgia, a recent photograph, proof of accommodation, proof of sufficient funds, and travel insurance covering the duration of the stay.

A Georgia eVisa is typically valid for up to 180 days from the date of issuance. Visitors can stay in Georgia for up to 90 days within this validity period. Multiple-entry eVisas for business and medical purposes may have longer validity, up to one year.

Extensions are possible in certain circumstances, but they must be applied for through the relevant immigration authorities in Georgia. It's important to adhere to the terms and conditions of the eVisa and seek extension options well before the visa's expiration date.



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