Processing Time and Fee for Georgia eVisa

For prospective travellers to Georgia, grasping eVisa fees and processing is pivotal. Fees vary based on nationality and travel details, with processing taking up to 5 business days. It's crucial to apply early, ensure accuracy, and understand the non-refundable nature of the fee to facilitate a smooth trip.

Deciphering the Structure of Georgia eVisa Fees

The fee for a Georgia eVisa constitutes the charges imposed by the government for the processing and issuance of the eVisa. It typically varies depending on factors such as the applicant's nationality, purpose of travel, and intended length of stay in Georgia. Generally, this fee is non-refundable, regardless of the application's outcome. Hence, it's imperative for applicants to meticulously adhere to eligibility criteria and furnish accurate details to mitigate the risk of rejection or delays.

Here's an overview of the key considerations when comprehending the fee structure for Georgia eVisas:

  • Nationality: The eVisa fee may fluctuate based on the applicant's nationality, with some nationalities incurring higher or lower fees than others.
  • Purpose of Travel: Variations in eVisa fees may also arise from the purpose of the visit. For instance, fees for business eVisas could differ from those for tourist eVisas.
  • Duration of Stay: The fee structure may further depend on the duration of the intended stay in Georgia, with longer stays often incurring higher fees compared to shorter ones.
  • Additional Charges: Applicants might encounter supplementary charges for optional services such as expedited processing or courier services.

Distinguishing Between Government and Service Fees 

Understanding the distinction between government and service fees is crucial when applying for a visa. Government fees are set by authorities for visa processing, while third-party companies charge service fees for assistance with the application process.


Government Fee

Services Fee

Charged by

Immigration authorities

Third-party visa processing company


Processing and issuing the visa

Assisting with the visa application process




Set by


Visa processing company



May be negotiable depending on the company

Varies depending on

Type of visa

Applicant's nationality Purpose of visit

Level of service required

Processing time needed


Visa application processing fee

Application form completion service, document translation service

Methods of Payment for Your Georgia eVisa Application

When it comes to paying for your Georgia eVisa application, there are various convenient payment methods at your disposal. Here are some commonly used options:

  1. Credit or Debit Card: The most straightforward and widely utilised method is to pay using a credit or debit card online through the official Georgia eVisa website. Major card networks like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted.
  2. PayPal: Certain visa processing firms may offer PayPal as an alternative payment option, catering to those with PayPal accounts who prefer to refrain from using their credit cards.
  3. Bank Transfer: While it is accepted, it may entail a longer processing time than other methods.
  4. Cash Payment: In select locations, cash payments may be accepted at Embassies or Consulates, although availability may vary.

Accurately providing payment details and the correct amount is crucial during the payment process. Retaining a copy of the payment receipt is advisable as proof of payment.

Understanding Georgia eVisa Processing Time

When it comes to the processing time for a Georgia eVisa, there are several factors to consider that may influence the duration. Typically, the standard processing time ranges between 5 to 10 business days, although this may vary based on factors such as application volume, applicant's nationality, and the purpose of the visit.

For those seeking expedited processing, this option may be available for an additional fee, shortening the processing time to as little as 24 hours to 3 business days, depending on the chosen processing service or the embassy/consulate handling the application.

Ensuring that all information provided in the application is accurate and complete is crucial,as errors or omissions can lead to delays or even rejection. Applicants can monitor the status of their eVisa application through the official eVisa website or the visa processing company they've engaged.

Understanding Variables Impacting Georgia e-Visa Processing Times

Several variables can influence the processing duration of a Georgia eVisa. These include the volume of applications received, the applicant's nationality, the purpose of the visit, the accuracy of information provided, the consulate's workload, and the choice of expedited processing. It's crucial for applicants to be aware of these factors to better anticipate and navigate potential delays in the visa processing timeline.

Tips for Minimising Delays in your Georgia eVisa Application Process

To expedite your Georgia eVisa application process, consider these strategies:

  1. Apply in Advance: Submit your Georgia eVisa application well ahead of your intended travel dates to allow ample processing time and account for any unexpected delays.
  2. Provide Accurate Details: Ensure all information provided in your application is accurate and matches your passport details precisely to prevent delays or potential rejection.
  3. Review Document Requirements: Familiarise yourself with the necessary documents for your visa category and ensure you have all the required paperwork, including a valid passport and appropriate photos.
  4. Adhere to Photo Specifications: Follow the outlined photo requirements meticulously to ensure your application isn't delayed due to photo issues.
  5. Utilise Reputable Processing Services: If opting for a visa processing service, choose a reputable provider with a proven track record to streamline your application process.
  6. Monitor Application Progress: Stay informed about your application's status by regularly checking updates on the official eVisa portal or through your chosen processing service.


The processing time for a Georgia eVisa typically depends on several factors, including the volume of applications received and the accuracy of the submitted documents. However, the eVisa processing time is generally relatively fast, with most applications being processed within a few business days.

While there may not be an official expedited processing option for Georgia eVisas, applicants can ensure a smoother and faster processing experience by carefully reviewing and accurately completing all required documents and information. Additionally, applying well before the intended travel date can help mitigate any potential delays.

Once your Georgia eVisa application is approved, you will typically receive an email notification to the address provided during the application process. This email will contain detailed instructions on downloading and printing your eVisa. It's essential to ensure that the email address provided is accurate and regularly checked to avoid missing any important notifications.

If your Georgia eVisa application is experiencing unexpected delays beyond the standard processing time, it's advisable to first check the status of your application through the online portal provided by the eVisa issuing authority. If there are no updates or require further assistance, you may contact the eVisa support team for additional information and guidance.

In most cases, modifications or cancellations may be impossible once a Georgia eVisa application has been submitted. It's crucial to carefully review all information before finalizing the application to avoid errors or discrepancies. If you encounter any issues or need to make changes, you should contact the eVisa support team for assistance as soon as possible.



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