Georgia Category A Visa for Diplomats

A Diplomatic Visa is a special visa category for foreign diplomats visiting Georgia on official duties, permitting entry and stay without extensions. Obtained from embassies or consulates, it requires specific eligibility criteria and supporting documentation, including an invitation letter and diplomatic passport. Family members of the main visa holder are also eligible for this visa.

The duration of Category A Georgia Visas is contingent upon the purpose of the visit and is determined by authorities, usually corresponding to the official assignment or diplomatic mission. Extensions are feasible, typically with a maximum duration of one year.

Qualifications for the Georgia Category A Diplomatic Visa

The Georgia Category A Diplomatic Visa is designated for individuals who fulfil specific eligibility criteria:

  • Diplomatic Status: This visa class primarily caters to diplomats and their accompanying family members accredited to Georgia, serving within diplomatic missions or consular offices.
  • Official Assignees: Individuals travelling to Georgia for official governmental purposes or representing international organisations recognised by the Georgian government are eligible for this visa category.
  • Family Dependents: Spouses and dependents of diplomats and official visitors destined for Georgia are also entitled to apply for the Category A Diplomatic Visa.
  • Invitation Letter: Applicants must furnish an invitation letter from the hosting organisation or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.
  • Passport Validity: The applicant's passport must remain valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended stay in Georgia.
  • Additional Criteria: Applicants should also fulfil supplementary conditions, including maintaining good health, possessing a clean criminal record, and demonstrating ample financial resources to sustain themselves during their stay in Georgia.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain a Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa

The process for obtaining a Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa includes the following steps:

  • Contacting the Embassy or Consulate: Initiate communication with the embassy or consulate in your home country. They will provide comprehensive guidance on required documents, application forms, and applicable fees.
  • Gathering the Necessary Documents: Collect the typical required documents for a Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa, including a valid passport, a letter from your government confirming your diplomatic status, and a completed visa application form. Additional documents, such as a medical certificate or proof of travel insurance, may be necessary, depending on embassy requirements.
  • Submitting the Application: Submit your visa application in person at the embassy, consulate, or through mail. Processing times for Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visas are generally expedited, sometimes resulting in same-day issuance.
  • Receiving the Visa: Upon approval of your visa application, you will receive your Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa, either affixed to your passport or issued as a separate document.
  • Entering Georgia: Utilise your valid Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa to enter the country and carry out your diplomatic mission for the designated duration.

Getting a Diplomatic Visa for Georgia (Category A): Challenges and Benefits

While obtaining a Category A Diplomatic Visa for Georgia is generally smoother than other visas, there can still be obstacles. However, the benefits are significant for diplomats on official business.




Eligibility Criteria

Strict - Requires a diplomatic/official passport and proof of official travel.

Application Process

Time-consuming - Gathering documents and approvals can take time.

Language Barrier

Applications might be in Georgian or English only.

Security Checks

Can delay processing due to additional scrutiny.

Political Tensions

Issues between countries can cause delays.




Visa-Free Entry

Enter Georgia for up to a year without a visa.

No Registration

Skip registration upon arrival.

Multiple Entries

Come and go as you please during validity.

Work Permit Exemption

Work freely in Georgia during your stay.

Education Opportunities

Enrol in schools without a separate student visa.

Tax Breaks

Enjoy exemption from certain taxes.

Diplomatic Immunity

Gain legal protection while in Georgia.


A Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa's primary purpose is to facilitate foreign diplomats' entry into Georgia for official reasons. This type of visa allows diplomats to enter and stay in Georgia for diplomatic functions and activities.

Holders of a Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa can stay in Georgia for up to one year without obtaining a separate visa. This extended stay duration allows diplomats to carry out their official duties in the country without the need for additional visa renewals.

No, diplomats holding a Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa are not required to register with Georgian authorities upon arrival. Their diplomatic status exempts them from this requirement, as the visa proves their authorised presence in the country.

Diplomats with a Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa are exempt from obtaining a work permit if they wish to work in Georgia during their stay. This privilege allows them to engage in diplomatic functions and activities without the need for additional employment-related documentation.

Holders of a Category A Georgia Diplomatic Visa can also enroll in educational institutions in Georgia without needing a separate student visa. This provision enables diplomats to pursue educational or training opportunities in the country alongside their diplomatic responsibilities.



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